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Premier Security Services

Adams Security Group is your trusted partner in providing premier security solutions tailored to your needs. With over 15 years of experience, we have established ourselves as a leading security agency in Tampa, Florida, serving a diverse range of clients across various sectors. From unarmed and armed services to private investigation and security training, we are committed to excellence and ensuring our clients' and their assets' safety and security. At Adams Security Group, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, expertise, and unwavering dedication to providing top-tier security services that exceed expectations.

Unarmed Services

Our team of unarmed security guards is rigorously trained in martial arts, de-escalation techniques, immobilization methods, and more, ensuring they are fully equipped to secure any venue safely and effectively.

Armed Services

Our licensed and trained guards, holding a D license, G license, and C.P.R. certifications, satisfy state requirements. Trained to resolve conflicts non-violently and equipped with individual experiences to anticipate and handle threats appropriately, our armed guards ensure a secure environment.


As a leading veteran minority owned security company in Florida, Adams Security Group provides comprehensive security solutions for various sectors, including schools, banks, hospitals, and residential areas. Focusing on professional security services in Tampa, we prioritize student safety, offering tailored and cost-effective solutions for schools statewide. Our approach includes thorough security assessments, customized programs, and proactive threat management to ensure a safe learning environment.

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Security Guards

Adams Security Group, a premier security agency in Tampa, FL, delivers expert security services for residential and commercial properties. Our trained guards collaborate with local law enforcement agencies, adhering to strict security protocols and ensuring peace of mind for our clients. Specialized in sectors like hospitals, schools, events, and executive protection, our guards are equipped with the skills and training to handle any situation effectively.

Private Investigator

Specializing in top-tier private investigator security services, Adams Security Group offers comprehensive security enhancements for organizations, swiftly uncovering hidden threats and safeguarding against breaches. With a global presence and a team of experienced investigators, including former F.B.I., C.I.A., and Law Enforcement professionals, we deliver unparalleled results, resolving security concerns efficiently and maintaining the utmost confidentiality.

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Executive Protection Services

Our security company specializes in providing executive and high-profile client protection services to ensure the safety and security of our clients at all times. With a team of highly trained and experienced security professionals, we offer personalized security solutions tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each client. From threat assessments and risk management to VIP protection and secure transportation, we are dedicated to providing top-notch security services that exceed our clients' expectations.

At our security company, we understand the importance of discretion and confidentiality when it comes to protecting high-profile individuals and executives. Our security team is trained to handle any situation with professionalism and efficiency, while always maintaining the highest level of discretion and respect for our clients' privacy. With a focus on proactive security measures and quick response times, we strive to create a safe and secure environment for our clients, allowing them to focus on their work and personal lives without having to worry about their safety. Trust our security company to provide you with the peace of mind and protection you need to navigate the complexities of a high-profile lifestyle.

Church Security

Adams Security Group offers comprehensive church security services, identifying vulnerabilities and formulating solid security plans to protect religious institutions from rising extremism and security threats. With expert evaluations, tailored security plans, and staff training, we ensure a seamless and effective approach to safeguarding worship environments across the United States.

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Reach Out Now

Reach out to us today and take the first step toward safeguarding your property, assets, and peace of mind. Our team at Adams Security Group is here to address all your security concerns and provide personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and see how we can help protect what matters most to you.